5 Tips To Make Your House Feel Like Home To Buyers

When listing your home for sale, your top goals should be to get your house sold quickly and for top dollar.

Follow these 5 tips to get you started on the right path to getting your home sold!

Clean & Unclutter
The most important thing you can do to prepare your home for sale is to get rid of clutter. A clean and decluttered home allows for buyers to not be distracted by messes and instead focus on the parts of your house that they love. Depersonalizing your home has many great benefits, the top one being that it allows potential buyers to picture themselves living in the home.

Tip: Put any furniture/decorations that don’t serve a purpose in storage.

Rooms With Purpose
Giving rooms their own identities will help buyers picture themselves enjoying that room’s functionality. Remember, Don’t overcrowd a room with furniture that is too large for the space; it will only make the room appear small and cramped. If you have a room that serves only to gather junk, repurpose it into something that will add to the value of your home.

Let The Light In
Bright rooms feel warm and inviting. Consider getting rid of any drapes or curtains on your windows that prevent sunlight from reaching the rooms of your home.

For more tips on how to add more light to a room read this -> Tips To Increase Your Homes Natural Light

Stage Your Kitchen To Sell
Store away any non-essential appliances and clean all surfaces.
A successfully staged kitchen looks, feels and smells clean and fresh. Don’t neglect the inside of your cupboards and drawers. If they’re full of stuff you’re sending a message to potential buyers that you don’t have enough storage space.

Fix The Small Stuff
Fix and finish all of your homes small or much-needed improvements. Even small fixes like damaged door handles can devalue your home in the eyes of potential buyers. Enhance your home’s appearance and boost its value.

Small and easy fixes that increase value perception:

→ Fix any squeaks on house or closet doors
→ Replace your light bulb with new ones
→ Make sure all of your light switches work
→ Replace outdated drawer, closet, door knobs
→ Add new light switch plates
→ Upgrade your bathrooms shower nozzles
→ Update all your bathroom fixtures
→ Add a new coat of paint to the interior of your home

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