Selling Estates

Looking for direction on how to sell an estate? Selling a Family Estate does not have to be daunting!  


Thomas and his siblings lost their last surviving parent a few weeks ago. In addition to dealing with the emotions brought on by this loss, Thomas now faces the daunting task of deciding what to do with the family home and personal property accumulated over the years. “Where do I start & What are we going to do with it all?” Thomas asks himself. As a busy professional, Thomas does not have time to take on such an involved project even though he was named the executor of the estate. His siblings live out-of-state and lead full, hectic lives of their own. “We need help!” Thomas realizes.



Thomas called in a professional real estate broker and estate selling expert. Together, Thomas and I came up with a plan for selling his parents’ home and organizing the remaining personal property. In most cases, the best and easiest solution for you is to refer to the help of an outside professional.

Figuring out what to do with a home or property left in your care is never an easy process. You and your loved ones may have conflicting ideas and strong feelings about the best course of action. However, working with a professional helps you and your family avoid disagreements and make informed decisions.  I help relieve the confusion and frustration that can arise when selling an estate. My role as a real estate agent and estate specialist is to meet with all parties, discuss real options, map out the necessary steps on paper, and decide which direction is best to accomplish the families goals.



As your broker and estate specialist, these are the things I can help you with:

  • Meet with family to listen to concerns and set goals
  • Provide a market analysis
  • Estimate the correct value of the estate
  • Create a plan for making the home market ready
  • Have the house cleaned, painted, and repaired as necessary
  • Help decide on desired investment in repairs and updates to maximize the price goal
  • Act as project manager
  • Refer, hire, and oversee the right professionals for projects
  • Assist in organizing and redistributing contents of the home
  • Confer with appropriate appraiser to value any items to be sold
  • Hold estate sale if necessary
  • Stage the home
  • Have professional photographs taken
  • Market the home through various platforms
  • Negotiate any offers once the home goes on market

Dealing with the loss of a loved one and negotiating the sale of their property is difficult under any circumstance. My goal is to greatly reduce the time and effort required on your part and to ultimately turn this into a positive experience. It can be very hard to set your emotions aside and think of your family home and property as a product, but I’m here to help you decide what’s meaningful and relinquish the rest of the “stuff,” so that you and your family can continue on.